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Act Knowledge Director Jürgen Oschadleus has addressed and trained thousands of individuals and leaders from blue chip organisations around the world. Here are just some of their comments:

Jürgen Oschadleus, Director of Act Knowledge Pty Ltd and Managing Partner of Valense, has delivered many courses for members of the PMI Sydney Chapter in short courses or workshop style.
Jürgen is a true leader and excellent facilitator. He keeps his audience engaged and interested, his courses are an invitation to critical thinking and problem-solving irrespective of topic delivered. Feedback from Jürgen’s courses have always been outstanding and other PMI Chapters have also invited Jürgen to deliver courses such as Conversational Leadership in their regions. Jürgen is committed to excellence, education and training. He is very attentive to students’ personal style and tailors his answers to students’ level of expertise. It is a real pleasure to attend Jürgen’s courses. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Jürgen has a truly great professional, lecturer and facilitator. (Julia Checchia, PMI Chapter President, May 2012)

I attended your presentation Tuesday morning Oct 23 at the Vancouver North America Congress and thought it was excellent.  In fact it was one of the best Areas of Focus presentations I attended in the three days, so thank you. (John, GEM Works)

I have really enjoyed this course, more than I imagined. It has fundamentally changed the way I view my role and has ignited a desire to explore further the world of project management. Baby steps, and whilst still in my infancy of PM, I am confident my career path will change for the better. Thank you for your guidance, and I have really valued the knowledge and insights you have brought to the subject to ‘bring it to life’. (Catherine, MBT student)

Thanks for yesterday. I have to say it was definitely the best course I have undertaken with the Learning Centre and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The tools and knowledge you have provided us, coupled with the enthusiasm in which you conducted the session, have made this a very worthwhile exercise for me. I am looking forward to putting them into practice. (Joanna, University of Sydney)

I attended the presentation on Five Frames at PMI breakfast session on 17 October. Great presentation. Apart from the actual content the interesting point I liked was how you dealt with the person in the centre of the room asking all the questions. Whilst never rejecting any points put forward you did have an answer for each point he made and you understood the context of his points. (Andrew, Commonwealth Bank)

Thank you for providing a fantastic course – I not only thoroughly enjoyed it, but also found it immensely practical. I especially enjoyed the content around the theoretical frameworks behind personality styles. I now even have the DiSC circle pinned up on my wall as both a reference and a reminder. (Daniel, First Data)

Thank you Jurgen. I really enjoyed your course. It was stimulating, and a good reminder of the techniques to apply to stakeholder management (as well as earning me 5 CPD points for AIPM certification). I’ll certainly enjoy reading your e-book. I’ll put some points into practice during my next consulting assignment in March. (Madeleine, Independent Project Trainer)

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