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Small, but global. Through strategic partnerships Act Knowledge has a global reach that far surpasses the size of the organisation. We work closely with a number of like-minded organisations, professionals and vendors to ensure our clients receive the best possible service and solutions.

The Valense/Palatine Group

ValenseLogoValense is an international multi-disciplinary network of professionals combining their knowledge to better understand and meet clients’ organizational needs in complex and fast moving environments. Valense has four offices worldwide and over 30 partners and associates in more than 15 countries in all continents. This network enables us to provide personalized and consistent services to our clients worldwide. We have a history of successful projects and satisfied clients.

Visit the Valense website.


Prendo develops advanced management simulations that are used by many of the world’s leading organisations and business schools. Simulations apply the most basic principle of learning: the need to practise and rehearse.

Pilots, sportspeople and the medical profession have long understood the importance of simulating their activities in order to improve their performance and reduce the risk of failure in the real world. The only practice grounds, however, for managers have typically been their real projects, real organisations and real customers. This means that their ‘education’ is often very expensive. Simulations, in contrast, provide an opportunity to learn from mistakes that do not cost very much!

Act Knowledge delivers the range of Prendo simulations in the Asia Pacific region.

Visit the Prendo website.

PM Complete

PMCPLLogoPM Complete can improve your practice, portfolio, programme and project management methodologies, policies, processes, procedures and templates to improve your capability to deliver projects successfully.  We can provide a complete range of tools, training, coaching, mentoring, reviews and consulting services for both project management and non-project management staff.

These have all been developed and extensively shown to deliver improved value to both organisations and individuals by radically improving their ability to deliver successful projects and programmes.

Visit the PM Complete Pty Ltd website.

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