Our Story

Logo_GoetheAct Knowledge is an Australian based, privately owned enterprise dedicated to raising up effective leaders within organisations and project teams.

The company was incorporated in Sydney, Australia, in May 2001 by husband and wife team Kim and Jürgen Oschadleus, both of whom have a background in developing leaders, and felt called  to make a positive difference in the business world.

The company name, Act Knowledge, brings together two key elements of success in any endeavour:

  • having appropriate knowledge and being able to share that across the organisation or team in such a way that
  • people are able to act on it – effectively and efficiently.

We provide the theory, and inspire people to act by providing practical strategies to implement in their daily environment. Whether through our project management initiatives, or follow up to training, we strive to ensure that individuals can practically implement what they have learnt from us.

Our Logo

Our logo is a symbol of our core message. It consists of an upside venn diagram representing the three key elements of influence, as outlined by Greek philosopher Aristotle:

  • Ethos – our character or credibilty.
  • Pathos – the way we make people feel. Our ability to influence and inspire others is related directly to the degree of empathy we feel for those we are trying to reach.
  • Logos – the words and logic we use, and the outcomes we deliver.

Each of these elements increase our effectiveness in the workplace. Our Influence Equity™ (i.e. our ability to consistenly and positively impact those around us) is respresented by the degree of overlap between the three elements.

The single circle at the base represents the inherent instability of ethos – character and credibility are tenuous at best. It takes a lifetime to develop trust, but only an instant to destroy.

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