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Act Knowledge utilises a broad range of simulation tools to deliver accelerated, experience-based learning, which:

  • reduces the risk of mistakes on real projects
  • improves the prospects for successful implementation of projects
  • increases the value generated in projects
  • ensures greater stakeholder satisfaction
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Learning by doing

Participants learn by developing a strategy, taking action, getting immediate feedback and seeing the final outcomes. The simulation fills the gap between understanding the techniques and actually using them in real situations.

Realistic and transparent

The simulation combines the latest academic thinking on project management with experience of what works practically, in real projects. What happens can be explained with a high degree of transparency.

Enjoyable, engaging and unforgettable

Rather than listening passively to presentations, participants take part in a stimulating and memorable experience. They get both a sense of having ‘lived’ the challenge, and a set of tools that help them apply lessons back in the real world.

Flexible integration

The simulation can be used in a traditional classroom setting, in blended programs, or even in a distance learning context.

Our strategic partnerships give us access to some of the world’s best computer-based simulation tools. Click the buttons below to find out more.

 Harvard Business School  The Palatine Group


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